We have here collected some typical Spanish recipes that you can cook at home and all ingredients can be bought in normal supermarkets. The Spanish cuisine is rich of flavours. Some may think there is a lack of salt. In Andalucia you get fried fish with fried potatoes and half a lemon, probably an inheritance from times when Andalucia was the poor part of Spain. But there is so much mote to taste. Here are some examples:

Gazpacho Andaluz
Rabo de Toro - Oxtail
Crema Catalana
Sardines on a skewer
Cheese from Spain 

It is a great way to open more bottles than you normally would, and sample and compare wines together with friends. Here are some tips with wines from Spain:

Rioja wines
For those who love Rioja wines we recommend a horizontal tasting. Rioja´s have four classifications; Roble, Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva. With each classification, the wines spends more time in oak barrels and bottle before release.
Try the Reservas or Gran Reservas, they may cost a little more but it is worth it, from i.e. bodega Vivanco, Bodega Campo Viejo and bodega Marques de Murrieta. Do not buy Roble wines, at least not for wine tasting.

White wines
Spanish white wines from Galicien are among the best in the world. Try a wines with Albariño grapes. When having a wine tasting text bottle would be a Rueda wine with Verdejo grapes.
The third bottle in the tasting I prefer a wine with Godello grapes. Here you have three different wines, all in the top range. You can also try a white wine from the Viura distrct.

You cannot leave Spain without tasting Cava. It is made in the same way as Champagne but has a wider range of grapes. There should be a star printed on the underside of the cork, and do not buy sweet cava. Buy Seco.
My favorite is Freixenet Elyssia, Gran Cuve Brut. A Cava as good as any Champagne. Just about 13 euro. An alternative is Anna de Cordorniu eller Juve y Camps

More wines!
Another area with good wines are Penedes. From Andalucia are Sherry from Jerez, Malaga Dulce from Malaga, Ronda wines.